Where to Watch Premier League 2023 Anywhere in the World

watch Premier League

Since English Premier League matches are primarily played in England and Whales, it is impossible to catch all the games in the respective arenas with a physical presence. So, followers can watch premier league on TV Channels or online streaming options to catch the games of their favorite clubs.

English Premier League aka EPL, is one of the most-watched football leagues in the world. Fans from all over the globe always support their favorite clubs regardless of color and ethnicity. The top EPL clubs, including Manchester United (13 times), Manchester City (six times), Chelsea (five times), Arsenal (three times), Blackburn Rovers (once), Leicester City (once), and Liverpool (once), provides an elite level of competition throughout the season.

In this guide, I am going to tell you how you can watch Premier League online regardless of where you currently exist or what mode of commentary you wish to choose:

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN. We recommend this for its wide range of servers worldwide, reliability, compatibility with all devices, best customer support, and value for the money.
  2. Make sure to remove the cache and cookies from your browser’s history.
  3. Install the VPN on your device. (ExpressVPN is available for almost all the instruments; check out the website or consult customer support to verify)
  4. Launch the VPN and set your location to the country whose broadcasters you like to approach. For example, if you want to catch the games live on US broadcasters from anywhere in the world, just set your location to the US server. Similarly, if you’re going to catch games on UK broadcasters, ensure your server reflects the UK location.
  5. Sign in to the respective streaming network.
  6. Enjoy live matches online.

Why do you need a VPN to Live Stream Premier League Online?

Despite the availability of many broadcasters, why would you be required to have a VPN? Here are a few reasons to have a VPN to stream English Premier League games.

Firstly, not all channels have Premier League games. Premier League matches are mostly played on weekends so that most fans can stream live games. But the weekdays are also occupied with some live action. Due to broadcasting distribution, not all matches are available for a specific channel. The timings of matches may clash so that you may miss your favorite club’s game. A VPN lets you access the broadcaster which is out of your territory and blocked in your location. For example, a VPN helps you unblock US broadcasters while in Spain.

Secondly, while traveling abroad, you may already have a subscription to your native streaming network. For example, you are from Australia and have access to Optus Sport. But when you leave Austrian territory, you cannot access it on your mobile or laptop. To access Optus Sport abroad, you have to require an Australian IP. Now you can watch Premier league outside Australia.

Lastly, a VPN protects your privacy and secures your devices from cyber-attacks. It may happen that you used to watch the games on free online streaming networks. These networks are ad-mines and spamming-centric. To get rid of any online attack, you can use a VPN that keeps on changing your location and manipulating the attacker to get the right information about you.

When is Premier League Games

English Premier League started on August 6 2022. The finals of EPL will be played on May 28 2023. The league will be paused during the FIFA WC.

English Premier League 2022-23 Fixtures and Venue

12/26/22Aston Villa 1-3LiverpoolVilla Park
12/26/22Crystal Palace 0-3FulhamSelhust Park
12/26/22Arsenal 3-1West Ham UnitedEmirates Stadium
12/26/22Brentford 2-2Tottenham HotspurBrentford Community Stadium
12/26/22Chelsea 2-0BournemouthStamford Bridge
12/26/22Everton 1-2Wolverhampton WanderersGoodison Park
12/26/22Southampton 1-3Brighton & Hove AlbionSt. Mary’s Stadium
12/26/22Leeds United 1-3Manchester CityElland Road
12/26/22Leicester City 0-3Newcastle UnitedKing Power Stadium
12/26/22Manchester United 3-0Nottingham ForestOld Trafford
12/31/22Bournemouth 0-2Crystal PalaceVitality Stadium
12/31/22Brighton & Hove Albion 2-4ArsenalAmex Stadium
12/31/22Fulham 2-1SouthamptonCraven Cottage
12/31/22Liverpool 2-1Leicester CityAnfield
12/31/22Manchester City 1-1EvertonEtihad Stadium
12/31/22Newcastle United 0-0Leeds UnitedSt. James Park
12/31/22Nottingham Forest 1-1ChelseaThe Nottingham Forest Football Club
12/31/22Tottenham Hotspur 0-2Aston VillaTottenham Hotspur Stadium
12/31/22West Ham United 0-2BrentfordLondon Stadium
12/31/22Wolverhampton Wanderers 0-1Manchester UnitedMolineux Stadium
01/02/23Aston Villa 1-1Wolverhampton WanderersVilla Park
01/02/23Crystal Palace 0-4Tottenham HotspurSelhust Park
01/02/23Arsenal 0-0Newcastle UnitedEmirates Stadium
01/02/23Brentford 3-1LiverpoolBrentford Community Stadium
01/02/23Chelsea Manchester CityStamford Bridge
01/02/23Everton 1-4Brighton & Hove AlbionGoodison Park
01/02/23Southampton 0-1Nottingham ForestSt. Mary’s Stadium
01/02/23Leeds United 2-2West Ham UnitedElland Road
01/02/23Leicester City 0-1FulhamKing Power Stadium
01/02/23Manchester United 3-0BournemouthOld Trafford
01/14/23Aston Villa Leeds UnitedVilla Park
01/14/23Brighton & Hove Albion LiverpoolAmex Stadium
01/14/23Brentford BournemouthBrentford Community Stadium
01/14/23Chelsea Crystal PalaceStamford Bridge
01/14/23Everton SouthamptonGoodison Park
01/14/23Manchester United Manchester CityOld Trafford
01/14/23Newcastle United FulhamSt. James Park
01/14/23Nottingham Forest Leicester CityThe Nottingham Forest Football Club
01/14/23Tottenham Hotspur ArsenalTottenham Hotspur Stadium
01/14/23Wolverhampton Wanderers West Ham UnitedMolineux Stadium
01/21/23Bournemouth Nottingham ForestVitality Stadium
01/21/23Crystal Palace Newcastle UnitedSelhust Park
01/21/23Arsenal Manchester UnitedEmirates Stadium
01/21/23Fulham Tottenham HotspurCraven Cottage
01/21/23Liverpool ChelseaAnfield
01/21/23Southampton Aston VillaSt. Mary’s Stadium
01/21/23Leeds United BrentfordElland Road
01/21/23Leicester City Brighton & Hove AlbionKing Power Stadium
01/21/23Manchester City Wolverhampton WanderersEtihad Stadium
01/21/23West Ham United EvertonLondon Stadium
02/04/23Aston Villa Leicester CityVilla Park
02/04/23Brighton & Hove Albion BournemouthAmex Stadium
02/04/23Brentford SouthamptonBrentford Community Stadium
02/04/23Chelsea FulhamStamford Bridge
02/04/23Everton ArsenalGoodison Park
02/04/23Manchester United Crystal PalaceOld Trafford
02/04/23Newcastle United West Ham UnitedSt. James Park
02/04/23Nottingham Forest Leeds UnitedThe Nottingham Forest Football Club
02/04/23Tottenham Hotspur Manchester CityTottenham Hotspur Stadium
02/04/23Wolverhampton Wanderers LiverpoolMolineux Stadium
02/11/23Bournemouth Newcastle UnitedVitality Stadium
02/11/23Crystal Palace Brighton & Hove AlbionSelhust Park
02/11/23Arsenal BrentfordEmirates Stadium
02/11/23Fulham Nottingham ForestCraven Cottage
02/11/23Liverpool EvertonAnfield
02/11/23Southampton Wolverhampton WanderersSt. Mary’s Stadium
02/11/23Leeds United Manchester UnitedElland Road
02/11/23Leicester City Tottenham HotspurKing Power Stadium
02/11/23Manchester City Aston VillaEtihad Stadium
02/11/23West Ham United ChelseaLondon Stadium
02/18/23Aston Villa ArsenalVilla Park
02/18/23Brighton & Hove Albion FulhamAmex Stadium
02/18/23Brentford Crystal PalaceBrentford Community Stadium
02/18/23Chelsea SouthamptonStamford Bridge
02/18/23Everton Leeds UnitedGoodison Park
02/18/23Manchester United Leicester CityOld Trafford
02/18/23Newcastle United LiverpoolSt. James Park
02/18/23Nottingham Forest Manchester CityThe Nottingham Forest Football Club
02/18/23Tottenham Hotspur West Ham UnitedTottenham Hotspur Stadium
02/18/23Wolverhampton Wanderers BournemouthMolineux Stadium
02/25/23Bournemouth Manchester CityVitality Stadium
02/25/23Crystal Palace LiverpoolSelhust Park
02/25/23Everton Aston VillaGoodison Park
02/25/23Fulham Wolverhampton WanderersCraven Cottage
02/25/23Leeds United SouthamptonElland Road
02/25/23Leicester City ArsenalKing Power Stadium
02/25/23Manchester United BrentfordOld Trafford
02/25/23Newcastle United Brighton & Hove AlbionSt. James Park
02/25/23Tottenham Hotspur ChelseaTottenham Hotspur Stadium
02/25/23West Ham United Nottingham ForestLondon Stadium
03/04/23Aston Villa Crystal PalaceVilla Park
03/04/23Brighton & Hove Albion West Ham UnitedAmex Stadium
03/04/23Arsenal BournemouthEmirates Stadium
03/04/23Brentford FulhamBrentford Community Stadium
03/04/23Chelsea Leeds UnitedStamford Bridge
03/04/23Liverpool Manchester UnitedAnfield
03/04/23Southampton Leicester CitySt. Mary’s Stadium
03/04/23Manchester City Newcastle UnitedEtihad Stadium
03/04/23Nottingham Forest EvertonThe Nottingham Forest Football Club
03/04/23Wolverhampton Wanderers Tottenham HotspurMolineux Stadium
03/11/23Bournemouth LiverpoolVitality Stadium
03/11/23Crystal Palace Manchester CitySelhust Park
03/11/23Everton BrentfordGoodison Park
03/11/23Fulham ArsenalCraven Cottage
03/11/23Leeds United Brighton & Hove AlbionElland Road
03/11/23Leicester City ChelseaKing Power Stadium
03/11/23Manchester United SouthamptonOld Trafford
03/11/23Newcastle United Wolverhampton WanderersSt. James Park
03/11/23Tottenham Hotspur Nottingham ForestTottenham Hotspur Stadium
03/11/23West Ham United Aston VillaLondon Stadium
03/18/23Aston Villa BournemouthVilla Park
03/18/23Brighton & Hove Albion Manchester UnitedAmex Stadium
03/18/23Arsenal Crystal PalaceEmirates Stadium
03/18/23Brentford Leicester CityBrentford Community Stadium
03/18/23Chelsea EvertonStamford Bridge
03/18/23Liverpool FulhamAnfield
03/18/23Southampton Tottenham HotspurSt. Mary’s Stadium
03/18/23Manchester City West Ham UnitedEtihad Stadium
03/18/23Nottingham Forest Newcastle UnitedThe Nottingham Forest Football Club
03/18/23Wolverhampton Wanderers Leeds UnitedMolineux Stadium
04/01/23Bournemouth FulhamVitality Stadium
04/01/23Brighton & Hove Albion BrentfordAmex Stadium
04/01/23Crystal Palace Leicester CitySelhust Park
04/01/23Arsenal Leeds UnitedEmirates Stadium
04/01/23Chelsea Aston VillaStamford Bridge
04/01/23Everton Tottenham HotspurGoodison Park
04/01/23Manchester City LiverpoolEtihad Stadium
04/01/23Newcastle United Manchester UnitedSt. James Park
04/01/23Nottingham Forest Wolverhampton WanderersThe Nottingham Forest Football Club
04/01/23West Ham United SouthamptonLondon Stadium
04/08/23Aston Villa Nottingham ForestVilla Park
04/08/23Brentford Newcastle UnitedBrentford Community Stadium
04/08/23Fulham West Ham UnitedCraven Cottage
04/08/23Liverpool ArsenalAnfield
04/08/23Southampton Manchester CitySt. Mary’s Stadium
04/08/23Leeds United Crystal PalaceElland Road
04/08/23Leicester City BournemouthKing Power Stadium
04/08/23Manchester United EvertonOld Trafford
04/08/23Tottenham Hotspur Brighton & Hove AlbionTottenham Hotspur Stadium
04/08/23Wolverhampton Wanderers ChelseaMolineux Stadium
04/15/23Aston Villa Newcastle UnitedVilla Park
04/15/23Chelsea Brighton & Hove AlbionStamford Bridge
04/15/23Everton FulhamGoodison Park
04/15/23Southampton Crystal PalaceSt. Mary’s Stadium
04/15/23Leeds United LiverpoolElland Road
04/15/23Manchester City Leicester CityEtihad Stadium
04/15/23Nottingham Forest Manchester UnitedThe Nottingham Forest Football Club
04/15/23Tottenham Hotspur BournemouthTottenham Hotspur Stadium
04/15/23West Ham United ArsenalLondon Stadium
04/15/23Wolverhampton Wanderers BrentfordMolineux Stadium
04/22/23Bournemouth West Ham UnitedVitality Stadium
04/22/23Brighton & Hove Albion Manchester CityAmex Stadium
04/22/23Crystal Palace EvertonSelhust Park
04/22/23Arsenal SouthamptonEmirates Stadium
04/22/23Brentford Aston VillaBrentford Community Stadium
04/22/23Fulham Leeds UnitedCraven Cottage
04/22/23Liverpool Nottingham ForestAnfield
04/22/23Leicester City Wolverhampton WanderersKing Power Stadium
04/22/23Manchester United ChelseaOld Trafford
04/22/23Newcastle United Tottenham HotspurSt. James Park
04/25/23Everton Newcastle UnitedGoodison Park
04/25/23Leeds United Leicester CityElland Road
04/25/23Nottingham Forest Brighton & Hove AlbionThe Nottingham Forest Football Club
04/25/23Tottenham Hotspur Manchester UnitedTottenham Hotspur Stadium
04/25/23West Ham United LiverpoolLondon Stadium
04/25/23Wolverhampton Wanderers Crystal PalaceMolineux Stadium
04/25/23Aston Villa FulhamVilla Park
04/25/23Chelsea BrentfordStamford Bridge
04/25/23Southampton BournemouthSt. Mary’s Stadium
04/25/23Manchester City ArsenalEtihad Stadium
04/29/23Bournemouth Leeds UnitedVitality Stadium
04/29/23Brighton & Hove Albion Wolverhampton WanderersAmex Stadium
04/29/23Crystal Palace West Ham UnitedSelhust Park
04/29/23Arsenal ChelseaEmirates Stadium
04/29/23Brentford Nottingham ForestBrentford Community Stadium
04/29/23Fulham Manchester CityCraven Cottage
04/29/23Liverpool Tottenham HotspurAnfield
04/29/23Leicester City EvertonKing Power Stadium
04/29/23Manchester United Aston VillaOld Trafford
04/29/23Newcastle United SouthamptonSt. James Park
05/06/23Bournemouth ChelseaVitality Stadium
05/06/23Brighton & Hove Albion EvertonAmex Stadium
05/06/23Fulham Leicester CityCraven Cottage
05/06/23Liverpool BrentfordAnfield
05/06/23Manchester City Leeds UnitedEtihad Stadium
05/06/23Newcastle United ArsenalSt. James Park
05/06/23Nottingham Forest SouthamptonThe Nottingham Forest Football Club
05/06/23Tottenham Hotspur Crystal PalaceTottenham Hotspur Stadium
05/06/23West Ham United Manchester UnitedLondon Stadium
05/06/23Wolverhampton Wanderers Aston VillaMolineux Stadium
05/13/23Aston Villa Tottenham HotspurVilla Park
05/13/23Crystal Palace BournemouthSelhust Park
05/13/23Arsenal Brighton & Hove AlbionEmirates Stadium
05/13/23Brentford West Ham UnitedBrentford Community Stadium
05/13/23Chelsea Nottingham ForestStamford Bridge
05/13/23Everton Manchester CityGoodison Park
05/13/23Southampton FulhamSt. Mary’s Stadium
05/13/23Leeds United Newcastle UnitedElland Road
05/13/23Leicester City LiverpoolKing Power Stadium
05/13/23Manchester United Wolverhampton WanderersOld Trafford
05/20/23Bournemouth Manchester UnitedVitality Stadium
05/20/23Brighton & Hove Albion SouthamptonAmex Stadium
05/20/23Fulham Crystal PalaceCraven Cottage
05/20/23Liverpool Aston VillaAnfield
05/20/23Manchester City ChelseaEtihad Stadium
05/20/23Newcastle United Leicester CitySt. James Park
05/20/23Nottingham Forest ArsenalThe Nottingham Forest Football Club
05/20/23Tottenham Hotspur BrentfordTottenham Hotspur Stadium
05/20/23West Ham United Leeds UnitedLondon Stadium
05/20/23Wolverhampton Wanderers EvertonMolineux Stadium
05/28/23Aston Villa Brighton & Hove AlbionVilla Park
05/28/23Crystal Palace Nottingham ForestSelhust Park
05/28/23Arsenal Wolverhampton WanderersEmirates Stadium
05/28/23Brentford Manchester CityBrentford Community Stadium
05/28/23Chelsea Newcastle UnitedStamford Bridge
05/28/23Everton BournemouthGoodison Park
05/28/23Southampton LiverpoolSt. Mary’s Stadium
05/28/23Leeds United Tottenham HotspurElland Road
05/28/23Leicester City West Ham UnitedKing Power Stadium

English Premier League Table and Standing December 12, 2022

2Manchester City14102240142632
3Newcastle United1586129111830
4Tottenham Hotspur1592431211029
5Manchester United148242020026
7Brighton and Hove Albion146352319421
11Crystal Palace145451518-319
12Aston Villa155371622-618
13Leicester City155282525017
15Leeds United144372226-415
16West Ham United154291217-514
18Nottingham Forest153481130-1913
20Wolverhampton Wanderers15249824-1610

What is the Premier League Prize Money for the season 2022-23?

The prize money for Premier League 2022-23 season is yet to announce. However, in the last season, every club have a base prize of £2.2m. It means that this was the minimum every club got. The more often the TVs are interested in a specific club’s broadcast, the more they will get paid. The winner of the 2022-23 season won £160m.

How to get Tickets for Premier League Games?

The best way to get the tickets is either from the official website of the respective club or go for the official partners nominated on the website.



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