How to Watch Premier League online in New Zealand

premier league online in new zealand

In this guide, I will tell how you can live stream Premier League online in New Zealand on any broadcaster. The problem is for those traveling in New Zealand and those who have planned to move outside the New Zealand for some official task or tourism purpose.

Sky Sport New Zealand is the official broadcaster of the Premier League in New Zealand. So, accessing Sky Sport NZ is not a big deal if you are in New Zealand.

How to Live Stream Premier League online on any Broadcaster in New Zealand

Premier League has distributed broadcasting rights all over the world. Due to regional restrictions, these broadcasters are workable only in the dedicated regions. For example, the UK broadcaster BT Sport is not accessible outside UK. So if you are from UK and already have a subscription, you won’t be able to access BT Sport in New Zealand unless you have a VPN. The same applied to every broadcaster of the world (with only a few exceptions)

Here is the way to live stream Premier League on the broadcaster of your choice:

  1. Subscribe to Express VPN.
  2. Make sure you have cleared the cache and cookies from the browser.
  3. Install the VPN on your mobile or laptop on any device you have.
  4. Launch the VPN and set your location to the country whose broadcaster you wish to access. For example, if you want to watch the Australian broadcaster in New Zealand, set your location to Australia (if the streaming network is blocked). Similarly, if you want to watch EPL in a US broadcaster, set your location to the US.
  5. Sign into the streaming app.
  6. Enjoy live streaming of the Premier League.

What channel is Premier League on in New Zealand

Sky Sport Now lets you stream 12 Sky Sport and ESPN channels from various devices, including popular smartphones, smart TVs, tablets, and computers. With SKY Sport Now, you can watch LIVE Sports, including the Premier League online and on the move, and a vast selection of on-demand material, highlights, stats, and replays.

Sky Sport Now is available as a Week, Month, or Annual Pass, and you may cancel anytime before your renewal date. Sky Sport Now also offers a limited number of Pay-Per-View events. Now watch Premier league on Sky sports in new zealand.

Annual Pass

$399.99 for 365 days of Sky Sport Now access for a single yearly payment – essentially $33.34 per month.

Month Pass

$39.99 a month with the option to cancel anytime – ideal for following your favorite sport’s season as it develops. Regardless of the number of days in any given month, each Sky Sport Now the month is always 31 days long and automatically renews unless canceled before the renewal date.

Week Pass

It is $19.99 for 7 days. Perfect for a single sporting event or weekend away- the. The Week Pass does not renew automatically.

Premier League online in New Zealand

I am traveling outside New Zealand; how can I watch Premier League on Sky Sport Now?

If you are traveling outside New Zealand, watching Premier League becomes challenging. The fact that Sky Sport Now is not accessible outside NZ is very terrible. But there is a simple way to unblock Sky Sport Now anywhere in the world.

For that:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN and install it on your device.
  2. Clear the Cache and Cookies.
  3. Launch VPN and set your location to New Zealand.
  4. Once you set your location sign in to Sky Sport Now.
  5. It will be unblocked, and you can access it now.


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